At School

In 2023 the Department for Education updated their Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy, with clear guidelines that all education settings should have in place a Sustainability Lead and Climate Action Plan by 2025.

Let's go Zero

Let’s Go Zero is a free national campaign uniting teachers, pupils, parents and their schools as they all work together to be zero carbon by 2030. Every school that signs up is pledging to work towards a more sustainable future.

The campaign is led by a coalition of sustainability organisations, and the campaign supports schools to set zero carbon targets, develop road maps for delivery, share their learning's with staff, students and families, and work together with local councils and government to make it happen. The work done through the Let's Go Zero campaign also supports your Eco-Schools Green Flag application.

Climate Action Advisors

Let's Go Zero will be introducing Climate Action Advisors to the South-East in April 2024. Climate Action Advisors are independent experts, who will soon be offering free support for schools, colleges, and nurseries across England. They can suggest practical, affordable actions for schools of any size – even those that are just starting their sustainability journey. This service is part of the Let’s Go Zero campaign.


Eco-Schools is an international award scheme administered in England by Keep Britain Tidy. The scheme guides schools to become environmentally aware and active. The programme is open to all educational establishments (private and public, from early year, primary, secondary, colleges and SEND).

The Eco-Schools programme provides a simple, seven-step framework that helps educators tackle environmental issues, whilst empowering young people to make a difference in their school, local community and beyond. Schools connect their activities to three or more of the Ten Eco-Schools Topics. These topics break large, global issues like climate change into more manageable and directed themes that prompt young people to consider environmental changes that they can make in their school and everyday lives.

After working through the seven Eco-Schools steps during the academic year, schools, colleges and nurseries can apply for an Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation during the annual application window, open from 1 May to 31 July.

Applying for Eco-Schools accreditation is the perfect way to acknowledge, reward and celebrate the ecological achievements of young people. It clearly demonstrates that their hard work is appreciated, and it provides them with the confidence and motivation needed to continue actively engaging with environmental issues throughout their lifetimes. Finally, it also tells local communities that a school, college or nursery is forward-thinking and promotes youth-led environmental education and action.

Become an Eco-School

We are encouraging all Maidstone schools to register with Eco-Schools. If you are already registered please contact us to let us know which award level your school has achieved so we can showcase your great work.

If you are not yet signed up, you can visit the Eco-Schools website to get started. It is free to register with the Eco-Schools programme (please note there is a charge for an Eco-Schools Green Flag).

Transform Our World- Schools Climate Action Planner

Transform Our World brings together teacher-tested and reviewed resources from across the environmental sector into one place.

Transform Our World and its partners have developed this free, easy-to-use digital tool to enable teachers, students and staff to identify actions they can take to reduce their school's environmental impact. After answering some yes or no questions, the tool will show you the personalised actions that would have the greatest impact at your school by pointing to resources, initiatives and programmes from various organisations.

The tool is designed to help your school:

  • Reduce your school's carbon footprint
  • Help everyone in the school community understand the issues surrounding the climate crisis and what they can do to take action
  • Build on wellbeing and personal development in the actions you take

Access the free School Climate Action Planner here.

National Education Nature Park

The Natural History Museum is leading a partnership that has developed the new National Education Nature Park and Climate Action Awards, empowering young people to make a positive difference to both their and nature’s future.

This initiative gives children and young people the opportunity to lead the way in mapping, monitoring and enhancing their spaces for nature and become part of a network of nurseries, schools and colleges that form the National Education Nature Park. The accompanying Climate Action Awards will help children and young people develop skills and knowledge in biodiversity and sustainability, and celebrate their climate action efforts.

By joining, your school, nursery or college becomes part of a vast network of spaces working together to boost nature in education.

Find out more about the National Education Nature Park here.

Free Trees for Schools

The Woodland Trust is offering free trees for schools and communities to make sure everybody in the UK has the chance to plant a tree.

Choose your pack(s) from a list of trees and hedges and fill out an application form. There are two delivery periods per year: one in March and one in November. The Woodland Trust is currently taking applications for trees to be delivered in NOVEMBER 2023. Applications for November delivery are expected to close in August, or sooner depending on stock availability. Apply for a free tree pack for your school here.

Pollution Patrol

Air pollution is a problem that affects everyone, with children being particularly at risk as their bodies are still developing. UK Government statistics estimate that air pollution in the UK reduces life expectancy by seven to eight months on average and comes with an associated cost of up to £20 billion each year. While legislation and policies aim to minimise the impact of air pollution on health and the environment, the wider community in Kent and Medway are encouraged to take their own steps in improving local air quality.

Pollution Patrol, is an interactive story where children can adventure through the fictional town of Sooting; and play games that educate and inform about air pollution. The Pollution Patrol provides practical and curriculum-linked solutions for in-school lessons, and fun at-home learning for children and their parents to reduce their impact on air pollution, whilst travelling to school and around the wider community.

Download Pollution Patrol  and help encourage children and the wider community to take steps to improve local air quality.

Rag Bag

Raise funds for your school with Rag Bag's textile recycling

The 'Rag Bag' recycling scheme has been developed to provide regular fundraising for schools and nurseries in the UK. The scheme increases awareness about textile recycling and helps the environment by ensuring less material goes to landfill. The scheme is completely FREE, and your school will be paid for every kilogram recycled. Rag Bag offers three options: a bag scheme, an inside bank scheme or an outside bank scheme. You can raise hundreds of pounds with every collection made. Find out more at Rag Bag.

Arrange a talk for your school

Our Maidstone Borough Council Biodiversity and Climate Change team and Waste and Recycling team are happy to visit your school in Maidstone to talk about environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, recycling and sustainable transport.

If you would like to organise a visit, or have any questions, please contact us here.